Year-round deliveries, always on time!

To place an order for a delivery from Romania to the UK or from the UK to Romania, please check our schedule. Our delivery team can come right to your location to pick up your parcel and ensure that it arrives to its destination on time. For shipments from the UK, you can drop-off your package directly at our storage facility in London, Unit 12 - Walthamstow Business Centre, Clifford Road, E17 4SX.


RO - Distribution and collections


25,26,27,28th of April

9,10,11,12th of  May   23,24,25,26th of  May

6,7,8,9th of  June    20,21,22,23rd of June

4,5,6,7th of July     18,19,20,21st of  July

1,2,3,4th of August    15,16,17,18th of August




UK - Distribution and collections:

30th of April,1,2nd of May     14,15,16th of May     28,29,30th of  May

11,12,13th of June       25,26,27th of June

9,10,11th of  July         23,24,25th of July

6,7,8th of August        20,21,22nd of August





Any changes in our schedule will be communicated in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Orders can be placed HERE or by phone to the numbers below.

Romania: +40 744 791 243

England: +44 77878 06751