Professional packaging services for your parcels

If your parcels are not packed, we can offer counter-cost packaging services as well as cartons, bubble wrap, stretch film, adhesive tape, etc. Also, within this service, our couriers can help you pack the parcels if you request this when making your reservation.

When sending parcels nationwide or international, shipment will be loaded and downloaded multiple times. The expedition will be subject to environmental pressures such as high or low temperatures, vibrations occurring during road transport, and a low impact but existing during handling. That's why it's important and recommended that your articles be properly packaged to avoid any possibility of damage.

The most important things to consider when packing your products is to make sure that the packaging is robust enough and that the tape you use is of increased strength. We also recommend that for fragile items inside parcels a higher layer of protection is added by using products such as air bubble, expanded polyethylene plate, polystyrene flakes, etc.

Packaging advice

  • Box strength


  • Adding additional protections such as air bubbles, polystyrene flakes, etc.



  • Sealing the package using a durable adhesive tape



  • Labeling the package so that the contact addresses are as visible and deciphering as possible

The collections in Romania can be made from the address you specified. Before placing an order, please check our SCHEDULE.

The collections in England can be done from the address you have specified (before placing an order, please check the COVERAGE AREA and the COLLECTION / DELIVERY PROGRAM), or alternatively, you can deliver the package to our warehouse in London - Unit 12 - Walthamstow Business Center, Clifford Road, E17 4SX.

Orders can be placed HERE and send the form or by phone to the numbers below.

Romania: +40 744 791 243

England: +44 77878 06751