Our mission goes far beyond delivering packages. Of course, this is the main field of activity here at Crespo Com, but it entails much bigger objectives.


The Crespo Com mission is to eliminate borders and distances on the Romania - Uk route, allowing for a continuous correspondence and connection.


We wish to help everybody who wants to deliver international packages to their loved ones, their acquaintances or business partners.




Quality Services


For us, international package delivery actually means delivering a service that meets and respects the highest standards in all aspects: from the way we collect the packages (right from the doorstep of the client), to the way we deposit them ( on a long-term ) and the manner in which we deliver and interact with clients fast, convenient and efficient.


Care for our customers


We know that the packages we deliver represent more than simple packages and are, in fact, a bridge between people and a joy to those who receive them and also for the ones who send them. That’s why our care for our customers can be seen in the care and responsibility with which we deliver these packages. We always make sure that our service offer allows for in-time collecting, depositing and delivery, as to meet our customers’ needs. What’s more, we’re always one click button or call away from promptly answering questions and settling uncertainties.




We strongly believe in respecting delivery schedules for all packages sent on the route Romania - England and England - Romania. În this respect, we answer orders with promptitude and are always fast and efficient when it comes to picking-up packages, but also when it comes to delivering them.


Continuous development


We believe that in order to rise to our clients’ highest expectations, we need to constantly get better and develop continuously. This is visible in our extended network, as we are able to collect and deliver packages from and to a large number of places in Romania and in the UK. For Crespo Com, development means adopting the newest and most performant technologies and fleets, while also expanding the territorial network for collecting, depositing and delivering packages. This way we can be anywhere you need us to be.

Flexibility and adaptability


We know that when the unexpected happens, we need to act fast. Our international delivery services from Romania to the UK and the UK to Romania are always ready to fit our clients’ needs and keep up with their growing demands.


Our team


Trust your package to be delivered by a professional and experienced team


When it comes to international deliveries, a well-thought strategy and a bulletproof logistic are vital for a high-quality service. These things can become a reality when you have a team of experienced people that are ambitious professionals. The Crespo Com team is built out of young people with experience in the delivery industry, but also out of veterans of international transport. With extensive training in the industry, the Crespo Com employees know how to ensure every package goes through the most efficient pick-up, transport and delivery process so that you can win time and save money.



In Romania, we work in partnership with Fan Courier Express SRL.

The collections in Romania can be made from the address you specified. Before placing an order, please check our SCHEDULE.

The collections in England can be done from the address you have specified (before placing an order, please check the COLLECTION / DELIVERY PROGRAM), or alternatively, you can deliver the package to our warehouse in London - Unit 12 - Walthamstow Business Center, Clifford Road, E17 4SX.

Orders can be placed HERE or by phone to the numbers below.

Romania: +40 744 791 243

England: +44 77878 06751


Upon collection, our employee will issue you a transport document in 3 copies in which it will be registered the number of parcels, the content and both the sender and the receiver's details.


Example of transport document