Parcel Shipping Romania - United Kingdom

Crespo Com was born because we noticed that despite promises, a Romania – United Kingdom shipping parcel service was getting harder to find.From the beginning, our goal was to provide professional services based on responsiveness and flexibility.

We have deliberately determined that we will not just be another courier company or freight forwarder. We wanted to be a lot more specialists in, road transport parcels without rebate to quality.

Our fundamental values

  • High quality of service
  • Create pleasant experiences

          - Providing outstanding services is at the heart of the Crespo Com philosophy
          - We want to make a real difference to our customers
          - We provide customized customer assistance, thus proving experience and professionalism

  • We put the client first

    - We believe in collaboration and never forget that behind every parcel is a human being
    - We treat each client with equality and respect, without making a difference in the quality of the services provided
    - Encourage ideas for collaboration, take initiative and find new ways to continuously improve the company's services

  • Customer opinion counts for us

    - Any feedback is welcome whether positive or negative because it helps us in the process of continuous evolution and improvement of the services provided
    - We invest in the continuous qualification of the staff so we want to always have a positive feedback from our clients

  • Information. Education. Innovation

    At Crespo Com, we believe in constantly informing our customers. We know that in the 21st-century parcel services involve complex operations, customers wanting to send parcels efficiently, simply and at advantageous prices. We are trying to contribute much to reducing pollution by renewing the fleet permanently, thus lowering carbon emissions.

Flexibility is essential in our approach. Regardless of the value or weight of the expedition, we will ensure that it arrives at its destination in the shortest time and in the best possible conditions.

Try our services and you will be convinced of the main attributes underpinning the Crespo Com philosophy: Seriousness. Flexibility. Professionalism.

"We always go the extra mile!"

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