Founded in 1997, Crespo Com SRL plays today an important part in the life of romanians living in the United Kingdom. Our mission was clearly stated when the need for an affordable and secure transport service between our young and growing community in London and their families back home presented itself as an opportunity.

Governed by the desire to offer quality services and build trust, our company grew over the years and is now the number one choice for parcel transport for new comers in the UK and emabassy officials alike. To raise our standards even further, we insured all our transports with the main insurance organisations in Europe.

We could say that CrespoCom started as a father and son company. A son, desatisfied with the premium prices charged by International Mail companies for sending gifts back home for Christams, discovered that many expats were having the same problem. An idea was born and whilst the son was promoting it amongst compatriots in London, the father acquired the first van and was preparing for his first voyage to London. The rest is history but our motto remained as true as ever: We always go the extra mile!


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