Sending packages has never been as simple or as fast. From Romania to England. From England to Romania.


In a fast world, you need solutions that are as fast and efficient. Especially when you want to break the limits of distance. With Crespo Com you can send packages fast and in complete safety from anywhere in Romania to the United Kingdom and from the United Kingdom to Romania. Whether you wish to send something to your loved ones, transport personal belongings when moving abroad or you just need an international courier on the Romania - England route for any other need, Crespo Com is your trusted partner.


For the Crespo Com team, international transport comes naturally. With tens of years of experience and a fleet that benefits from all the logistics and technical systems necessary, we’re ready to come to your aid and make effortless deliveries.


Our services include international transports on the route Great Britain - Romania and Romania - Great Britain, of letters, packages and bags, as well as packing and storage services.

Our storage services help you if you want to deliver a parcel with a more distant delivery date or the recipient of the package is not found at that time at the location. Our warehouses in Romania and England, built according to the legislation in force, will ensure the best environment for your package to be kept in the best conditions.

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Actually, with Crespo Com everything is easy. Especially sending packages abroad.


CrespoCom. We get to where it matters most.

The Crespo Com story begins in 1997 and is born out of the desire of building a bridge between Romania and England, as more and more Romanians begin to have friends or relatives in the UK and vice-versa. Tens of years of activity have proven us that our effort makes possible not only a vital artery between the UK and Romania but also friendships, family relationships and even business connections.


From the very beginning, we built our activities as to promptly serve the needs of all of our clients and to adhere to the highest quality norms. We know how important in-time delivery is and that’s why we always stick to the delivery schedule, ensuring at all times the intact state of the package.


For us, no transport is too difficult, no matter its type or dimensions. We wish to meet your needs with a fast international transport service, that is also professional and efficient.


We’re always at your disposal, ready to be contacted and to deliver. You can always get in touch with us by e-mail, phone or social media.


Choose a dynamic and friendly delivery team


The Crespo Com team is formed out of young and dedicated employees who are ready to put their abilities in the service of your needs. Full of life and ambitious, all the members of the Crespo Com Crew strongly believe in the company’s mission and values, strictly respecting the promise of delivering the highest quality. We’re ready to adapt to your requirements and to use our flexibility to deliver from Romania to England and from England to Romania, fast and efficient.


We’re always at your disposal, prepared to deliver to your selected destination envelopes and packages, in full safety. And when you’re in doubt, our assistance team is prepared with answers. To discuss right now to a member of our customer service team, please visit the contact page.


Opt for delivery services that have their own fleet


During 20 years of existence, Crespo Com developed its services by always having the customer in the centre of attention. That’s why, in order to sustain a range of high-quality shipping services, it created its own fleet of couriers, making door-to-door services as fast as possible.


This way, you can make full use of our flexibility and shipping services that are fast and convenient, both in terms of time and financially. Our fleet can collect envelopes, packages and pieces of baggage from anywhere on the territory of Romania and it can deliver them in the desired regions in the UK.




Hardworking People
Countries Covered
Years of Experiences
Own fleet
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your disposal.